Dr Hao Zhang

Hao Zhang

Hao Zhang joined the group in 2022 and now is an MPLS Enterprise and Innovation Fellow at the University of Oxford. He graduated from Nanjing University in 2019, focusing on the preparation of metal-organic framework-derived materials and their applications in electrocatalysis. He obtained his PhD degree at Imperial College London in 2022, where his interests concern the controllable synthesis of 3d transition metal-based nanomaterials and the fundamental understanding of the correlation between micro/nanostructures and (photo)electrochemistry performance. In Oxford, he is working on the fabrication of LDH-based composites for (photo)electrocatalysis in collaboration with Prof. Ludmilla Steier and SCG Chemicals.

Outside the lab, Hao enjoys playing the piano and cucurbit flute, practicing Chinese brush calligraphy and watching anime. He is also an ASMRer and likes collecting different tingles in nature.





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