History of the CoE

The SCG-Oxford Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a unique collaboration between SCG and the University of Oxford. It focuses on research and development in the areas of Energy Utilisation and Carbon Net Zero, Circular Economy and the Future of Plastics and Polymers.


Professor Dermot O’Hare serves as the Director and Dr Suracha Udomsak (VP of SCGC) as the co-director. The main objective of the CoE is to act as a hub for academic/industry collaboration as well as delivering innovation to SCG and impact at academic level.

Since its establishment in 2012, the CoE has included many people, including fourteen professors, a deputy director, three early career fellows, ten PDRAs, six PhD students, and two administrators, who, over the past decade, have contributed to the success of the collaboration. At SCG, from the President to lawyers and industrial researchers, many people are directly involved in producing academic and industrial-relevant chemistry.

In 2019 SCG created the wholly-owned UK entity SENFI UK.  SENFI UK is based in purpose-built laboratories at the Centre of Enterprise and Innovation, University Science Park at Begbroke.